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All Pro Painting offers a variety of special finishes. Sometimes your home’s decor and interior designs require something more than just a coat of paint. There are unlimited possibilities when considering these options. One way to achieve a more personalized paint application is by using a special finish to acquire the look you’re seeking.

Examples of special finishes:

  • Metallics – Get the look of precious metals with a metallic finish paint
  • Pearl – For a special luster, pearl finish paints are ideal
  • Satin – A velvet finish
  • Marbling – Creates a marbled look using paint
  • Wood graining – Creates a look of wood using paint
  • Color washing – The under color is allowed to show through a top coat
  • Distressing – Creates an aged, antique look
  • Crackling – Creates a cracked finish – base color shows through
  • Sponging – Creating a soft, textured look
  • Rag rolling – Removes some of the top layer of paint creating a textured effect
  • Dragging – Uses a brush to create fine lines
  • Suede – A suede look and feel
  • Custom Stain and Glaze – A classic finish adding beautiful illusions of fabric or line effects, sponging effects or leather and suede effects to your walls.
  • Exterior Texture Coating – A textured paint coating that helps with waterproofing, less maintenance and energy savings.
  • Ask one of our paint experts how we can help you go beyond just a coat of paint.

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