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If you are preparing for a substantial painting or refinishing project, All Pro Painting and Construction can aid with prep work and help ensure a quality result. Removing paint can be time-consuming, dangerous and create health hazards. Our team can get the work done quickly while protecting your health and safety.

Thorough preparation ensures a quality paint job on any surface. We have the tools and experience needed to provide the best paintable surface possible. We will carefully protect surrounding surfaces and clean up and remove waste from the jobsite.

Ask one of our paint experts how we can help you go beyond just a coat of paint. We take the pain out of painting! Contact Us.

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When you invest in new paint for your house, it can be exciting to see how fresh the new paint will liven your living space. What may not be exciting is to see the beautiful paint fade or wear over time. All Pro Painting knows how important it is to extend the longevity of your

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The Newest Color Trends in Interior and Exterior Paint

Picking a paint color for your home, inside or out can be difficult to do. It may be easy to find design inspiration by looking at beautiful homes on the internet but what are the latest trends that will work for your home renovation? Here at All Pro Painting, we know how much a fresh

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